Mountain House in Escondido

Often times, the finest, most sought after places on earth, are the ones we feel we have all to ourselves. These are the places so unique, private, and exhilarating, that the discovery of them is nearly as fulfilling as the experience of sharing them with the ones we love. Mountain House rises to the level of extraordinary for these reasons and a catalog of a thousand boulders more.

36 estate residences will be built on 36 individual homesites, each with their own character, view orientation, and personality which allows the experience to feel much more custom and personal, yet without the heartaches of building your own home, which is a valuable asset.

Many of the homes are hidden from each other, some set among massive rock outcroppings, some higher on the mountain, some around the bend, and some along the edges– but all experience the most profound ecological sights and sounds, and views of the valley below, unlike anywhere else in the region.

Our prospective clients will enter the private gate below, wind their way up the mountain, to an elevation of 1500’, and for the fortunate few, they will quickly discover that the entirety of their life, the places they’ve visited, lived and explored, and the experiences along the way, have led them here.

Mountain House is a place that not only rises above the world, but is firmly planted in the heart of it.


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