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3Roots Pre-Qualifications Begin This Week at BRIO!

California West is excited to announce that the pre-qualification process to purchase a home at BRIO in the 3Roots community starts this Wednesday, May 5th at 8 a.m. PDT. You will receive an email at that time on Wednesday with a link to submit and complete your pre-qualification. We will not be accepting any pre-qualification documents prior to 8 a.m. on May 5th.

To be considered eligible to buy one of BRIO’s residences during upcoming sales events this summer, interest registrants must complete their pre-qualification with our preferred lender, Debbie Silvett at Pacific Sun Mortgage.

To better prepare you for the start of the pre-qualification process, we created “The Way Home” – a step-by-step guide to owning at BRIO.


  1. Completed loan application
  2. Most recent paystub for each borrower
  3. 2020 W2s for each borrower
  4. Proof of funds for down payment
  5. 2020 Tax Returns (both business and personal) for all self-employed borrowers
  6.  Signed Borrowers’ Certification and Authorization

Stay tuned for the official start of the pre-qualification process on Wednesday!

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